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a zoo of thoughts
eau de walker guts 
16th-Aug-2011 11:24 pm
Title: eau de walker guts
Rating:  PG-13
Pairing:  Glenn/Daryl
Warning: none that I can think of
Word count:  ~1600
Summary:  The one where Glenn is a bit badass and it pays off.

Other: For Jessi! Happy birthday!

Dust. There was dust everywhere. It was in his hair, on his clothes, in the truck, under his fingernails, clogging up his throat, and gritting up his eyes. He let out a small cough and blinked his eyes, wishing for the thousandth time for just a bottle of water so he could breath properly.

They had been driving for hours now, kicking up the stupid dust. Glenn had gotten stuck with Daryl in the confusion of the explosion and everyone had taken off before the noise brought anything closer to them.

They had made a few preemptive stops for gas along the way, but every gas station they hit up had been bled dry before they had ever gotten there.

Up ahead, Dale’s RV turned into a gas station. Glenn cleared his throat and moved to sit up.

“I know chinaman. I ain’t blind.” Daryl’s voice was hoarse from the dust clogging the air, just like everyone elses.

Glenn just rolled his eyes and hopped out of the truck before Daryl even finished parking. He started to move towards the rest of the group, but hung back, his gut was screaming at him to keep moving. Glenn watched the area with wary eyes, the gas station wasn’t in a good spot, there were woods all around and the building wasn’t boarded up. All the windows were broken.

Daryl stopped next to him. Glenn looked over at the other man. “Something isn’t right.” Glenn told him. “I got a bad feeling.”

Daryl nodded and handed him his shotgun. “Me too.” he huffed out and Glenn felt a bit of relief when his gun was in his hands.

“Patrol?” Glenn asked him and Daryl shrugged. “No one else is gonna do it.”

Glenn nodded and ran over to the group. “Me and Daryl are gonna take a look around, got a bad feeling.”

Rick paused and his eyes flickered around before nodding to him. “Good idea.”

Glenn gave Rick a bright smile until he could almost feel Daryl’s glare on the back of his neck. “Right.” he said, hurrying back over to Daryl.

“Split up or stick together?”

Daryl gave the building and the surrounding area a glance. “S’not that big, we’ll each take a side and meet up in the back.” he told Glenn. Glenn nodded. Daryl took off before he could say anything else

Glenn let out a sigh and shook his head to hold back a cough. He cleared his throat instead and made sure the gun was loaded before taking his own side. He turned his first corner and froze when he heard something in the woods around him. He lifted the shotgun and turned towards the snapping and crackling of leaves and froze when he saw seven walkers to his five rounds.

“Shit.” he hissed. Glenn shrugged and took a deep breath before taking out as many as he could, hoping the shots would be heard by the group as a whole before taking off towards Daryl’s side. He ducked a bit as he turned the corner in the event that Daryl was aiming at his head. There was no sight of Daryl and Glenn looked around desperately for somewhere to hide.

He almost sagged in relief when he saw a door. He slipped inside and closed the door behind him. Glenn took in his surroundings and started up the stairs instead of the hallway to his left. The stairs creaked under his feet as he hurried up them. He looked around the room for some sort of weapon and this time let out a sigh of relief when he heard two gunshots from outside. His relief was short lived when he heard a shuffling to his left. Glenn froze, he was still without a weapon. He started to edge towards the stairs, hefting up his shotgun like a baseball bat, when he heard another bout of shuffling downstairs. He let out a groan and used the butt of his shotgun to knock back the two walkers behind him. One of them fell to the ground, its head rolling away, and the other fell backwards far enough that Glenn figured he had enough time to make it down the stairs.

He hurried down the stairs, his gun raised for a swing, when the walker in front of him collapsed and sort of slid down the steps. Glenn froze and blinked in surprise and watched Daryl disappear behind the door. Glenn sighed, and then realized he had forgotten the one behind him. He let out a yelp and jumped over the walker that lay prone on the stairs and headed for the door. He stopped with his hand on the handle and turned around to yank the arrow out of the walker’s brain before booking it back to the door. He slammed it shut behind him and leaned on it a bit.

“What the fuck was that?” Daryl hissed, grabbing his shirt. “You so stupid you can’t remember to check the first floor afore going up stairs?”

“Sorry sorry, I ran outta ammo.” Glenn said. “There’s another one in there.” he paused. “I got your arrow though.” Glenn offered it to him.

Daryl shook his head and snatched it from his hand as the door that Glenn was leaning against started to shake as the walker threw itself up against it. Daryl scowled and pushed Glenn away from the door, lifted his crossbow and when the walker fell through the door he shot it between the eyes before it could start to lift itself up off the ground. He yanked his arrow out of its head with a squelch and turned to look at Glenn, who was still on the ground, staring up at Daryl.

“Y’done being a dumbfuck?”

Glenn scowled. “What was I supposed to do? I ran out of ammo, there were seven of them!”

“Next time carry more ammo on you.”

Glenn rolled his eyes and stood, trying to brush the dust off of his jeans. “Yes sir.” he said sarcastically, before saluting Daryl. He tried to walk off, but Daryl grabbed his wrist, yanking him back.

“What?” Glenn snarled, turning to look at Daryl.

“You’ve got walker on you.” he said, reaching out to brush some off of Glenn’s shoulder.

“Yeah well I did happen to shoot five and decapitate one with a shotgun before you had to come and rescue me.” Glenn snapped at him. He didn’t notice Daryl walking him backwards until his back was up against the wall.

“So excuse me if I have walker guts on me.”

“You’re excused.” Daryl said, then tilted his head at Glenn like Glenn was a confusing puzzle when he was just Glenn.

“Stop staring!”

“Alright.” Daryl said, his lips curling into a smirk before they were pressed up against Glenn’s.

Glenn froze as his mind went off into a million thoughts. He had no idea- it was Daryl, not, not some. His thoughts came to a screeching halt when Daryl pulled away the slightest bit.

“Y’know kissing takes two people right?” Daryl asked, before ducking back in to kiss him again.

Oh, right. Glenn thought, letting out a gasp as the edge of Daryl’s teeth caught his lips. Glenn groaned into the kiss, finally taking part in it and pressing himself up against Daryl. He managed to get his wrists free of Daryl’s grip long enough to wrestle them around so that it was Daryl up against the wall.

Glenn leaned up, one hand twisting into Daryl’s short hair, the other under Daryl’s wife beater. Glenn’s baseball hat was knocked to the ground when Daryl’s own hand found Glenn’s longer hair, Daryl yanked back a bit and started to press biting kisses to Glenn’s exposed neck.

“Oh god oh god.” Glenn hissed, his hips stuttering against Daryl’s. He was pretty sure this was heaven was like.

Daryl suddenly froze, like a deer caught in the headlights, his lips still pressed again the juncture where Glenn’s neck and collarbone met. Glenn let out a low whine and wriggled against Daryl impatiently.

“Shuddup.” Daryl hissed, and then pulled away completely, picking up Glenn’s hat and shoving it on his head before Rick walked around the corner of the building. Glenn bit back a disappointed sound at the sight of the man.

“Everything all right over here? We’re gettin’ ready to leave.” Rick said, eyeing the two of them suspiciously.

“Peachy.” Glenn hissed between his teeth before grabbing his shot gun off the ground and  stalking past Rick.

He saw Rick turn to look at him with confusion as Glenn turned the corner and heard Daryl laugh.

“He’s just pissy cause he forgot to check the downstairs afore goin’ upstairs and almost got his dumbass killed is all.”

Glenn pushed his way past the rest of the group and threw his gun in the back of the truck, watching with satisfaction as a bit of walker guts got on the bike. Glenn slid into the seat of the truck, pushed down the bill of his hat and crossed his arms over his chest and hoped no one would bother him.

Daryl was silent when he slipped into the driver’s seat. He continued to be quiet all the way to the next stop, and the stop after that, until finally they finally found a spot to camp out for the night. Glenn finally pulled up his hat to look at Daryl. “You are either bunking with me tonight or we’re never talking again.” he told Daryl.

Daryl blinked and let out a rowdy laugh. “Well shit chinaman, if that’s all you were worried about.” he said, and grabbed Glenn’s shirt, tugging him over the gear stick to pull him into a sloppy kiss. “Then you didn’t have to worry about nothing.”

“Oh.” Glenn said. “Well, good.” he said, and then flushed bright red when Shane knocked on the hood of truck.

“C’mon loverboys, we gotta set up camp.”

Glenn tugged his cap over his eyes again as he slid out of the truck. At least he wouldn’t be sleeping alone tonight like Shane would be.
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31st-Oct-2011 07:40 pm (UTC)
I was about to type in "Thank Jesus for another fanfic about Glenn/Daryl," but I rather say thank you for a great fanfic about Glenn/Daryl. Thumbs up!
4th-Nov-2012 03:46 am (UTC)
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