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a zoo of thoughts
Best Friends Forever- for Jak 
25th-Dec-2011 07:58 pm
Title: Best Friends Forever
Rating: PG
Summary: Glenn is sleeping on his couch. 

Glenn was sleeping on his couch when Daryl got into his apartment. It wasn’t too strange of a sight, but usually Daryl was there when he passed out from drinking too much, or after a movie marathon and Glenn was too tired to keep his eyes open.

He’d never come home and have Glenn already there, and sleeping no less. The door stuck before it closed, and when it slammed shut behind him, Glenn jumped from the noise, startling so bad that he rolled off of the couch and his shoulder hit the makeshift coffee table.

Daryl snorted in laughter as Glenn started cursing.

“What the fuck are you doing at my house? And how did you get in?”

“You keep the spare key under your mat, dipshit.” Glenn muttered, pushing himself up off the floor. “And my sister is home.”

“Yeah, what the fuck does that have to do with my apartment?”

“When I say my sister is home, I also mean her husband and their five children.”

“And you say us rednecks breed.”

“Oh shut up asshole.” Glenn said, rubbing his shoulder. “Anyways, I couldn’t sleep in my room, because Phylis and Jacob took it and gave her old room to their three oldest. The youngest screamed all fucking night long and then the toddler started when he woke up.” Glenn let out a sleepy yawn and rubbed his eyes.

“I grabbed the first bus I could and got over here. I didn’t think you’d mind, its not like I don’t crash here all the time anyways.” Glenn said nervously.

“Oh shut up, I don’t care, just warn a guy next time.” Daryl said, dropping his keys on the counter and stuffing food in the fridge.

“Sorry.” Glenn said, sleep softening his tone.

“Go back to sleep.” Daryl told him, shoving him back on the couch as he walked past him into his own room.

Glenn made a muffled protest, but stayed where he was, by the time Daryl came back out into the living room he was snuffling in his sleep.

Daryl heated up his food and sat at the bar in the kitchen. He was as quiet as he could be and instead of staring off into space as he usually did, his eyes centered on the only thing in the room- Glenn.

Normally the kid was bounding around, worrying frantically about a paper that was due, even when there wasn’t one due, he was never still, not like when he was sleeping. The edges that were creeping in around his eyes softened, and his hair was naturally messy, not the the panicked “I've been pulling at my hair” sort of messy that Glenn usually hid under his baseball cap. His hair almost looked soft from over here.

Daryl paused with his fork to his mouth and shook his head. This was stupid. He needed to stop watching those soap operas. He finished his food and threw the container away before flopping on the couch.

Glenn yelped and tried shoving him off. “Daryl you douchebag! I had just fallen back asleep.”

Daryl was trying to hold back giggles and failing. “Your face!”

“When I manage to get up from here you are a dead dead man.”

Daryl snorted. “Right, you mean if you manage to get up.”

“You seem to forget that I know your weakness.” Glenn said and before Daryl could grab Glenn’s hands, his sides were being attacked.

“Asshole.” Daryl wheezed out, wriggling away so he could stop laughing. Glenn just followed him though, a smirk on his face as he ended up on top of Daryl.

“Say uncle.”

“Oh fuck no.” Daryl said, starting a counter attack that proved useless, Glenn was only ticklish in places that Daryl couldn’t reach. Instead he rolled them off the couch and pinned Glenn to the ground. “You say uncle.” Daryl said with laughter in his voice.

Glenn scowled and bit his lip. Daryl’s thumb brushed against the skin of his wrist, his eyes boring into Glenn’s until he realized what he was doing and almost pulled back. Glenn wasn’t trying to get away though, in fact he was ridiculously still.

“Daryl.” Glenn said, his voice strained. Daryl smirked. Okay, maybe the soap operas weren’t such a bad idea after all, he thought to himself as he pressed his lips to Glenn’s.

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Thanks, babe~ Merry Christmas!
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