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a zoo of thoughts
Familes- for sin 
25th-Dec-2011 07:54 pm
Title: Family
Rating: G
Summary: Parker finds that families are found and pieced together. 


She’d never had a family, at least not a real one. Half remembered dreams of bicycles without their owners and a man who taught her everything were all she ever had. She clung tightly to those half dreams, her grip growing tighter to something with no substance to grab with each person that left her world forever.

Then it happened.

There was Sophie with her million accents and fake names but Parker knew her favorite color and noticed what she always stole off of everyone’s plates when they ate together. Sophie was the sister she never had, the one she wanted to braid her hair and teach her how to flirt, how to be like everyone else.

Then there was Elliot with his fists and his cooking, always protecting her, always protecting them from danger, always feeding them, always taking care of them. He tried not to show it, but even Parker noticed how much he loved them all. He was the older brother she never had, the one that would kill a guy if he looked twice at her and glare at the ones she liked.

Nate was the dad she never had, sure the alcoholic, crazed, dad she never had, but he cared, deep deep down, with the way he never really kicked them out of his house and the way his lips turned up when Hardison and Elliot bickered.

Hardison with his fast talking and even faster hands, he eluded her for a while, avoided her gaze and she didn’t know what she felt, and then he was there when she needed him and circled around her like she was the sun.

Parker wasn’t the best with people, but as she let her half dreams float away, she realized she had a family now, one that was made and pieced together, but it was hers.

26th-Dec-2011 01:57 am (UTC) - BEST. EVER.


This is wonderful and Parker was the perfect POV character for this. ASDGLDJKLFHGAFG <33333

26th-Dec-2011 07:34 am (UTC)
Aww. Yay! Loved Parker's POV and especially how she described Sophie and Hardison.
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